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NY Criminal Law

In 2008, the number of inmates in U.S. prisons was 2,304,115—one in 18 men in America was in prison.  The numbers are not much changed today.  Choosing a criminal law attorney in NY is an important decision that can affect your future.

NY Criminal LawsCriminal law attorneys in NY provide strong advocacy and help people avoid conviction through skilled criminal defense strategies.  Labe M. Richman is knowledgeable and experienced with criminal law in NY and employs sophisticated techniques at trial on behalf of his clients.

Mr. Richman is the author of the award winning New York County Continuing Legal Education (CLE) multi-media training program called Trial Communication Techniques: the Application of Advertising, Drama & Psychology to the Trial of a Case.  Success at trial often relies on the right communication skills.  Extensive research and trial experience provide answers for what works when relating to juries.  As a seasoned NY criminal law attorney, some of the skills Labe Richman draws on include:

  • Knowledge of how juries respond
  • Skillful repetition of issues with juries
  • Technological visual aids for case presentation
  • Humanizing issues about the defendant
  • Gestures and tones for opening and closing statements

Effective storytellingMr. Richman uses exceptional skills to humanize the criminal defendant in the eyes of the judge and jury.  He can negotiate a favorable plea bargain if it is in his client’s best interest.  Or if incarceration is unavoidable, he works toward reduced sentencing or placement in facilities close to relatives.

Appellate and post-conviction criminal laws in NYAppellate and post-conviction criminal law requires different skill sets than trying cases.  Not many NY criminal law attorneys handle both criminal trial cases and appeals.  While presenting a case at trial involves the ability to speak to juries convincingly and communicate at their level, managing an appeal mainly involves excellent writing skills.  The appellate lawyer must have a mastery of legal terms and the writing style appropriate for judges and a legal audience, must be adept at framing arguments, and have extensive knowledge of relevant cases and precedents.

Accomplished trial and appellate skills make Labe Richman rather unique.  He is an experienced lawyer in NY criminal law who can be compassionate about your situation, aggressively represent you, and make every possible effort to win your case or obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

NY criminal lawyer Labe M. Richman has practiced criminal defense in New York State and federal courts since 1982.

Practice Areas—NY criminal defense

  • Criminal appeals
  • Criminal defense
  • Drug crimes
  • Drug possession
  • Extradition
  • Federal crimes
  • Fraud
  • Immigration
  • Murder
  • Post conviction remedies
  • Securities fraud
  • Weapons charges

Qualifications and achievements as a criminal lawyer in NY

Appellate focus Relatively few NY criminal attorneys try cases and also offer representation through appeals.  Through a combination of extensive trial and appellate experience as a criminal attorney in NY, Labe Richman can powerfully advocate on behalf of his clients at either level.  He has helped many immigrants facing deportation as a result of prior convictions through appeals and post-conviction litigation.  Convictions Attacked has more. (

Although his appellate success is significant, past success is no guarantee or prediction of how a case may proceed.  No criminal lawyers in NY can assure a client success for his or her particular case.  But criminal attorneys in NY can be compassionate about your situation and aggressively represent you, making every possible effort to win your case or otherwise obtain a favorable outcome.

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