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Mr. Richman’s Prior Lectures To Lawyers and Law Students

[Those wanting information about his award-winning Trial Communication Techniques Seminar should click on “CLE – Trial Communication” above]. 

As listed below, Labe Richman has given numerous lectures at many different prestigious locales. He is respected authority on criminal defense, communication, post-conviction work, and the nexus between immigration and criminal law, sometimes called “crimmigration.”  

The Federal Bar Association, SDNY, Lecturer on “Crimmigration,” February 18, 2015, see link 
The New Jersey Bar Association:
Although not licensed in New Jersey, for the past few years he has lectured on immigration and crimes at their day long seminar. In 2015, the lecture will occur on October 30 in West Orange. 

American Association of Immigration Lawyers, Lecturer, Cell Block Tango, The Intersection of Criminal and Immigration Law, December 1, 2009, AILA December New York Conference; Lecturer and Moderator, Crimigration: Padilla v. Kentucky; AILA National Conference, National Harbor, July 2010.

The New Sanctuary Coalition, Lecturer on Post-Conviction Relief for those seeking DACA (Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals. May, 2015,  This seminar was co-sponsored by numerous organizations such as the Bronx Defenders, Bronx Legal Services, the Immigration Defense Project, The National Immigration Project, the Immigration Law Center, and Neighborhood Defender Services.   

The Public Law Institute, Post-Conviction Strategies for Deportees, August 18, 2009.

Seton Hall University Law School; Lecturer, The Use of Media in Trial Practice, April 2001.; Lecturer, Trial Communications Techniques, Part I; January, 2001; June, 2001. 

Association of the Bar of the City of New York; Lecturer, Trial Communication Techniques, Bridge the Gap Program, October 2008 and 2009; Lecturer, Demonstrative Evidence Program, Why We Need to Use Demonstrative Evidence; and, Demonstratives in a RICO Case, March 2001; Lecturer, The ABC’s of Civil Litigation Program: Forging Ahead to Trial, September 2000; Lecturer, Immigration Law Program, 2005. 

The New York County Lawyers’ Association, Lecturer, Trial Communications Technique, Part I, September 1999; May 2002; September 2003. Lecturer, Trial Communications Techniques, Part II, October 2000; February 2003. Lecturer, Bridge the Gap Program: Trial Communications Techniques, December 1999; December 2000; April 2001; December 2001; December 2002; April 2002. Lecturer, Introduction to Trial Communication & Voir Dire Interactive Program, April 2003; August 2003; December 2003, April 2004. Panel Member, Jury Trial Innovations, March 31, 2004. 

On October 21, 2003, The New York County Lawyers’ CLE Institute presented Labe Richman with The Innovative CLE Program Award in recognition of his significant contribution to continuing legal education in the development and presentation of the course “Effective Trial Communication Techniques: The Application of Advertising, Drama and Psychology to Trials.” 

The New York State Bar AssociationImmigration Basics and Beyond, Lecturer on Criminal Defense Issues in Immigration Practice, March 24, 2004.  He has given a similar lecture in 2013 and created hypotheticals to teach criminal defense lawyers how to negotiate immigration sensitive pleas of guilty for their clients.

New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Chief Coordinator, Moderator of Panel Discussion, In-Depth Grand Jury: Turning a Ham Sandwich into a Gourmet Meal, September 2000. Lecturer, Juror Psychology: How the Jury Sees You, September 1999. 

New York State – Capital Defenders Office, Lecturer, Trial Communication Techniques: The Application of Advertising, Drama and Psychology to the Trial of a Case, Part I & II, September 1999; May, 2000 

National Institute for Trial Advocacy, New Jersey Regional Program, Lecturer, Voir Dire. Faculty for trial simulations, April 1999. New York Regional Program, June 2004. Faculty Member for Opening and Closing Statement Simulations and Judge for Bench Trials. 

Columbia University Law School, March 2009, lectured on post-conviction practice to the Seminar on Prisoners’ Rights. 

Rutgers University Law School, Trial Advocacy Program, Lecturer, Voir Dire. Faculty for trial simulations, May 1999; May 2001. 

Benjamin Cardozo School of LawIntensive Trial Advocacy Program, Lecturer and Faculty Member of Barry Scheck’s intensive NITA trial-simulation program, January 1990 to present. January 2009, lectured on post-conviction issues at the Cardozo Immigration Justice Clinic. 

Cardozo Alumni Association CLE ProgramTrial Communication Techniques, Part I & II, May 2002; January 2003. 

New York State Defenders AssociationImmigration Defense ProjectPost-Conviction Attacks on Behalf of Immigrants, September 16, 2006. 

Queens Bar Association, Lecturer; Crimes, Immigration and Post-Conviction Work, April 2010.

Labe Richman was also a faculty member in Cardozo Law School’s Criminal Appeals Clinic for six years, January 1990 to September 1996. 

He also conducted attorney workshops on cross-examination for Training and Resources for Assigned Counsel in Narcotics Cases, Supreme Court, State of New York, Appellate Division, First Department, January 1990; December 1991. 

Mr. Richman is also a graduate of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy’s Teacher Training Program at Harvard. 

He is was also a former Adjunct Professor of Law at New York Law School where he taught Trial Advocacy.